Notice For Tender - General Contracting

New York Başkonsolosluğu 20.07.2016

The Republic of Turkey announces an open invitation to firms to submit a Letter of Interest to receive the upcoming Request for Proposal (Tender) to act as the General Contractor for the construction of the New Turkevi Center at 821 United Nations Plaza, 342 East 46th Street and 344 East 46th Street in New York City.

The proposed project consists of approximately 220,000 SF and 36 floors and includes both commercial office and residential space. This invitation is open to all union-affiliated participants with commercial and residential high-rise experience, including but not limited to, new or already established Joint Ventures that meet the following criteria and if a Joint Venture, where one of the Joint Venture partners meet these same criteria):

  1. Evidence of General Contractor licensure in New York State for at least the last five years, including such evidence for any former entity if the contractor entity has changed as a result of acquisition, merger, consolidation or other transfer or reorganization;
  2. Average Minimum Annual Volume of $300M for similar construction work in NYC (five Boroughs) over the last three calendar years;
  3. At least one project completed in the last three calendar years in any of the five boroughs exceeding 200,000 SF and with a construction value not less than $200,000,000;
  4. No pending legal actions and if any are current, cite the steps taken to remedy the issue;
  5. Bonding Capacity that exceeds $300,000,000 with a 10% Bid Bond;
  6. Insurance capacity that exceeds $250,000,000;
  7. Willingness to provide a Stipulated Sum on completed Construction Documents using the standard AIA A101 and A201 Agreement (as modified) including, without limitation, liquidated damages for late completion;
  8. Ability to work with a 30 day payment schedule after Architect’s final approval and certification of your G-702 Application for Payment;
  9. All personnel working on site will have passed typical police and security background checks; and
  10. Evidence of currently valid NYC Vendex.

Should your firm meet these minimum requirement and wish to receive the Request for Proposal, please submit your Letter of Interest, via Certified Mail or delivered in person, requesting same and certifying that your firm meets these above requirements not later than August 5, 2016, addressed to:

Mr. Ertan Yalçın, Consul General

Turkish Consulate General New York

825 Third Avenue, 28th Floor

New York, NY 10022

Attn: “LOI for GC RFP”

Additionally, send a copy of your Letter of Interest via e-mail to Consul Serhat Akkoc –

Reyhan Özgür Consul General
Monday - Friday

09:00 - 12:30 / 14:00 - 16:00

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